Relentless & Claptone shroud the Printworks in mystery

Relentless Energy Drink have been a partner with London Warehouse Events since commencing at their house and techno series at the revered Printworks venue in 2016. As part of the series sponsorship, their right to dial up one Relentless owned night is always an opportunity to do something big that creates an extra blast of energy for fans. Vision Nine were challenged to deliver an experience that would not only give something totally unique to the audience, but create some fantastic content, and drive further depth around the partnership.

With Claptone on the line up, we brought to life a secret set shrouded in mystery, that tapped into the DJ’s masquerade ball concept that is getting more and more popular amongst ravers around the world. We distributed the ‘Claptone Mask’ to a lucky few via cloaked and masked characters that wondered the halls of the old printing factory silently. The mask which would serve as their ticket into a secret room they would need to find. Once in a fully themed and dressed room with a huge sound system lighting rig, delivered a a surreal and hedonistic moment that felt completely unique.

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