CANNA x Boardmasters

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Create a space that reflects the core brand messages but also drives additional footfall during the night time when competing with the main festival stages.



We developed a new layout for the CANNA Garden and introduced a new secret night-time venue, creating a new area which was hidden from the main area and only accessible through a locked garden shed! Guests could chill out in the garden by day and find intimate gigs as the sun went down, with handpicked DJs and live performances.


Over 800 people a day attended the secret gig 

Social reach of 455,500  

Over 15,000 branded giveaways  

This is the first year CANNA had a stage in our activation. The Vision Nine team worked with CANNA to produce an artist and DJ line-up that elevated our brand and increased our visitor numbers and engagement within the CANNA garden throughout the festival. The stage was a completely unique and secret venue which was dressed to create a CANNA feel with an electric and underground atmosphere.