Claptone Secret Gig

Client Case Study

In the run up to the Relentless Presents night at the Printworks in November 2017, to be headlined by Claptone, we were tasked with creating something truly unique. It was clear from the outset that it had to be as engaging for the artist as it was for the punters.


Working closely with event promoters LWE, we got our clandestine caps on, creating a 150 capacity secret party. The location of choice was a raw and industrial unused space beneath the venue’s main room. In keeping with Claptone’s persona, we drafted in costumed monks to point prospective partygoers in the direction of the secret entrance. Only those wearing one of Claptone’s iconic masks – distributed at random throughout the main venue – would be permitted entry.


As expected, the chance to experience a Claptone party in an intimate space went down an absolute storm, clearly demonstrating the brand’s ability to connect with a music savvy fan base. With well over 200 consumers through the door, Relentless walked away with a strengthened relationship with one of the industry’s biggest names, and a solid reputation for throwing great parties.