Puma Tricks Pinball Challenge

Playing loud with a custom interactive pinball machine

Client Case Study Watch the video

As part of the launch of the new Puma Tricks football boot range, Puma wanted to create a memorable brand experience for Sports Direct Conference attendees, bringing to life its ‘Play Loud’ ethos.


Inspired by the character traits of ‘Loud’, ‘Bold’ and ‘Brave’, we set out to test attendees’ speed and accuracy against a football obstacle course like no other: the Human Trick Shot Pinball Machine. The action was captured via a special bullet camera rig, creating digital images for participants to take home and share.


Thanks to the wow factor and the sense of fun, an impressive 85% of all 800 attendees engaged with the experience, generating over 600 shares through social media.

Participant feedback was 99% positive, with the experience leaving employees enthused by the Puma brand and fully on board with its ‘Play Loud’ ethos.