Silverline Tools x NASS 2017

Helping build NASS Festival 2017

Event Case Study

Construction and work place tools are an integral part of NASS’s build when it comes to our skate and BMX obstacles. We reached out to Silverline tools to partner with the event in order to generate awareness and advocacy for the brand, educate audiences on their range of product, drive social engagements and build relationships with athletes and consumers.


We positioned Silverline Tools as the “Official Tool Partner” of NASS 2017, focusing on the festival and course builds.

Through branding & obstacle rights on all courses, we naturally integrated Silverline Tools into live event content, including the live stream of the skate & BMX finals

In collaboration with Greg Illingworth & Mongoose, we produced a central Wall Ride for Silverline Tool for BMX use which became a focal point and key feature of the event.


Through their onsite activation, Silverline Tool engaged with over 5,000 individuals at the live event.

We distributed 3,000 sample tools to our core build team and 2,000 more samples to event consumers.

Content that included Silverline Tool’s IP produced a combined total of 430K views, 42K engagements and a reach of 3.8m.