Three House Party

Client Case Study

Three brought us on board to come up with something extra special for the Kiss FM House Party at Wembley Arena. It had to be fun, youthful and capable of generating some serious social media heat.


We created the party within the party… literally! Homely, inviting and – it has to be said – beautifully carpeted, our three-square-metre mini-house party was the hit of the event, replete with full sound system, lights and plenty of good vibes. To make sure the decks were in safe hands, we drafted in improbably energetic 77-year-old DJ Dianne, a veteran partygoer capable of dancing anyone under the table. For three glorious minutes, attendees could get down to mini-mixes whilst a camera in the corner captured the fun, producing sharable GIFs and Polaroid prints from the external photo booth.


Over the event’s four hours, we had over 300 people through the door. No neighbours complained, and no one called the police. Naturally, DJ Dianne was the last man standing.