UGG x Boardmasters

Client Case Study

UGG aimed to drive awareness of their origins and add a stamp of credibility with key athletes and influencers. We were tasked with bringing the UGG brand to Boardmasters to do this, whilst also engaging and inspiring a wider audience through a sensorial journey as opposed to just a transactional ‘retail’ environment.


We created the UGG Athlete Lounge at Fistral Beach, offering a chilled out lounge and gifting space for some of the best international surfers. 4 ASOS Insiders were also invited to the festival in collaboration with the brand, being provided the festival experience of a lifetime. To top this all off, UGG was made the official sponsor of the Longboard Pro competitions, driving its credible position within the event.


145 athletes were gifted a pair of UGGs  

Athlete posts with hashtag #ugglife gained over 250 likes per post 

UGG Longboard Pro comps coverage gained 3-5k views per video and were delivered on WSL’s daily highlights 

UGG provided the best competitors area we have ever had at Boardmasters. You treated the surfers as professional athletes which I believe was greatly appreciated by all who competed. The space was managed well by V9.

– Dave Reed, Tour Director at UKPSA Pro Surf Tour